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Different Methods of Sale

Hi folks,

In my last column of 2009 I discovered that the number of sales in Upper Hutt had decreased substantially, this looks like an ongoing trend that shows no sign of reversing. At the same time we have pundits telling us that prices are up and we are back at the peak market prices. Now this may be true in Central Auckland, but it is plainly and simply not the case in Upper Hutt. We saw some price increases last year but not enough to take us back to where we were.

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What Does a Real Estate Ad Need to Achieve?

Hi folks,

Thought I would talk about property ads this week, a popular topic among my colleagues currently as we enter the listing season. Many people feel that real estate ads often exaggerate the features of the properties advertised. Yet agents frequently report that when it’s their turn to sell, many vendors just can’t help wanting to ‘oversell’ their property by insisting that every feature of their home is highlighted in every ad, or by insisting on ‘four bedrooms’ rather than ‘three bedrooms and a study’. But what does a real estate ad really need to achieve?

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The selling season begins

Hi folks,

Welcome to 2010, a brave new world or much of the same? Ask me in December and I will let you know. So did you enjoy Christmas and New year? Still on holiday mode? Yeah, me too!

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Merry Christmas to Everybody!

Hi folks,

Welcome to my last column for 2009 in what has been an interesting and mixed year for real estate in Upper Hutt. As regular readers will know, the real estate statistics I utilise take a few weeks into the next month to come through, so it is the 23rd December when you read this but I only have November figures.

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A Prediction About the Property Market

Hi folks,

So about 2 weeks ago I heard a real estate commentator on TV3 news telling the world that as a result of sales of property in September throughout New Zealand that the market is back to where it was at the corresponding time in 2007, the peak of the market. His comments were very likely edited so it was unclear but I suspect that he was talking about the Auckland market which is very different to our Upper Hutt market.

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People’s Feelings Around Property Won't Change

Hi folks,

So it looks like we are nearing the end of the recession according to commentators in the media and Alan Bollard the Reserve Bank Governor. Isn’t it nice that we finally have some good news. But hold on what’s this? On September 10th Mr Bollard says that we shouldn’t buy houses?? What on earth is that about?

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Upper Hutt and the National Trend

Hi folks,

I thought it was interesting to note a positive change in the housing marketplace over the last week. It has been reported that the average time to sell a property has fallen sharply from this time last year. Nationally houses took 37 days to sell in July down from 58 in July 08, this is the biggest year on year improvement since 1991 when records began.

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Expats, Restructuring and the Wellington Real Estate Market

Hi folks,

At the time of writing the Real Estate Institute have not released July’s figures so I’m not going to address the Upper Hutt market but will look at the Wellington market as a whole over the last few months and see how if we can gauge where things are heading.

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Mortgagee Sales

Hi folks,

Last week I sold a property by mortgagee auction in Riverstone, my first experience of a mortgagee sale in New Zealand. Recently there has been a surge in such sales around the country, indeed a few years ago with prices rising it seemed a great idea to buy a few investment properties, after all the rent will pay the mortgage, then later you can enjoy the capital gain. It seemed a good idea at the time.

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Looking at the Sales Figures

Hi folks,

Lies, lies and damned statistics, I love that phrase, especially as I look forward to the aforementioned statistics coming out every month. So why bring this up after 2 years of foisting my musings on you and utilising the same statistics to show you what the market is really doing?

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