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Upper Hutt Market Update

Hi folks,

I thought it was time for a review of the property market in Upper Hutt having not done one for a while and yet again the sales statistics make for interesting reading. There are still very negative media reports about the property market almost everywhere in New Zealand with the possible exception of Auckland but you have to take into account a considerably larger population in Auckland that seems to be growing in contrast to much of the rest of the country.

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Tommy's Top Agent!

Hi folks,

I haven’t done a market comparison for some time so thought I would give you an update on what’s happening in the Upper Hutt real estate market and surprisingly I’m going to start off with some good news. The start to 2011 in terms of numbers of sales is the best start for the last 3 years of recorded sales, in 2009 from January 1st to March 31st there were 164 sales, in 2010 for the same period there were 135, in 2011 there were 165 sales. These statistics would suggest more activity in the market place but when I add December’s sales (75) to the mix we have 4 months of increased sales, in fact the 2010 December total was the highest since 2006.

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Meeting the Real Estate Market

Hi folks,

I have to confess that I barely remember Christmas, not because I over indulged on the hard stuff but because I have been so busy since the New Year with work appointments. So I was struggling to believe that there were only 34 sales in Upper Hutt in January, If pressed I would have guessed that the figure would have been nearer 50, but that’s why I wait for the actual sales statistics to be released so that I can take the guess work out of it.

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Upper Hutt Home Sale Figures

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I last discussed the Upper Hutt property market so as we are now into Spring it seems appropriate to look back over the year to date.

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June’s Sales Figures for Upper Hutt

Hi folks,

June’s sales figures for Upper Hutt are out and, in my opinion, again make for interesting reading. The median sale price was $317,500, up from May figures and confirming that prices have been stable now over the last 12 months. The damning statistic is that only 40 sales happened in Upper Hutt in June, only down by 1 on June 09. This in itself isn’t a bad thing and seems to show some consistency in the selling numbers but when we look the total sales in Upper Hutt this year (Jan-June) which is 276 dwellings, in 2009 the total at the half year stage was 320, this is a huge difference and confirms a 3 year pattern in reduced sales. (I have already addressed this previously so won’t bore you again)

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Upper Hutt's Rising Median Prices

Hi folks,

I have a confession to make. For the last 4 Sundays I have crawled out of my bed to do open homes with feelings of nervousness and almost dread. Why I hear you ask? Because of my increased paranoia that a particular broadsheet Sunday newspaper is going to tell me that the world has ended!

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A Prediction About the Property Market

Hi folks,

So about 2 weeks ago I heard a real estate commentator on TV3 news telling the world that as a result of sales of property in September throughout New Zealand that the market is back to where it was at the corresponding time in 2007, the peak of the market. His comments were very likely edited so it was unclear but I suspect that he was talking about the Auckland market which is very different to our Upper Hutt market.

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Upper Hutt and the National Trend

Hi folks,

I thought it was interesting to note a positive change in the housing marketplace over the last week. It has been reported that the average time to sell a property has fallen sharply from this time last year. Nationally houses took 37 days to sell in July down from 58 in July 08, this is the biggest year on year improvement since 1991 when records began.

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"Perception is Reality"

Hi folks,

There is a saying that I pretty much use every day about real estate, and that is “perception is reality.” If someone believes something then it must be true, no ifs or buts, that’s simply the way it is. As an example ask 4 different Hurricanes fans who their player of the year is and you will likely get 4 different answers (ok, maybe not for this year when Ma’a Nonu has been absolutely outstanding) All four fans will have a compelling argument about why their player is the best, they may listen to other arguments why a different player is the best but they will not change their opinion, their perception is their reality.

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If a Property is Priced Well, It Will Sell

Hi folks,

I’m going to discuss the April 2009 sales statistics in Upper Hutt in this column and would like to apologise that at the end of May I’m talking about last month’s market. The reason I’m late with this are two-fold, the first is that agents don’t get the Real Estate Institute figures until the 12/13th day of the following month, the second is that as regular readers are aware this a fortnightly column. So typically my last column on the 13th may was the day the figures came out and too late for me to comment. I hope this clarifies some time lag anomalies that I have recently been questioned about and confirms that I’m not slow in dealing with any potential changes in the market.

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