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I have won Tommy's Top Agent award. Not for the first time.

totara park

Hi folks

It’s that time of year again when Tommy’s Real Estate has their annual prizegiving and award ceremony and I’m very pleased to say that I have won the Top agent award. It’s not my first and I’m really hoping it won’t be my last so I would like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people.

The first person is my wife Rosie, it’s fair to say that she must have the patience of a saint to put up with me! How many times have I said "Quiet night in, just me and you and the TV” And then gone back to work until late at night leaving her with our very cute pooch Ollie?  Way too many! I think she’s beginning to like the peace and quiet a bit too much, so I will try and do better. (It’s in writing now so I can’t take that back) The second thanks is to Paige, “Yep no worries, I will watch your game tomorrow” before saying sorry I’ve got to work Saturday morning. (Actually, that’s more of an apology, sorry Paget)

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What a great 2017! A big "Thank You" to all my vendors and colleagues.

20171201 Martin Street

Hi folks,

This will be my last comment for the year regarding real estate in Upper Hutt and what a great year it’s been for me personally culminating in winning The Margo McCauley Memorial Trophy also known as The Tommy’s Supreme Agent Award. The market has been solid, the number of sales is well down on last year due to another year of Loan Value Restrictions but due to historically low levels of stock prices have more than held their own and increased in most areas and we no longer have to have conversations around negative equity! Unfortunately at the time of writing the stats are not yet out for November

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Market Comment from Tommy's: words from the horse's mouth

six tips for a dream home

There is no denying that the uncertainty preceding the general election has had an adverse impact on Wellington’s real estate market activity. This uncertainty combined with a carry-over of inclement winter weather into spring has retarded the market to a lower level than we have become accustomed to in the last couple of years. Whilst NZ wide sales figures are not yet available for September as we prepare these market comments, from our observations, it appears this trading pattern will be fairly consistent nationwide.  As we await the counting of special votes and contemplate the options of what our government will finally look like, we can perhaps expect more of the same uncertainty in the next couple of weeks?

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The benefit of team work.

Working as part of a team within Tommys I can list properties not just in Upper Hutt but over the whole Hutt Valley.

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Congratulations To My Colleagues!

Hi folks,

Firstly let me start with an apology! It’s not how I would normally start my musings on the world but I also don’t use this column to skite, however on this occasion I’m going to. I’m delighted to say that Tommys were the top selling real estate company in Upper Hutt in June 2014 with 40% of the market share. As I say I don’t often skite but I wanted to offer congratulations to my colleagues and point out that Tommys consistently sell more properties per agent than any other company so just this once allow me this indulgence.

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Is It Really a Sellers' Market?

Hi folks,

I haven’t spoken about the Upper Hutt market for a couple of months so I’m well overdue addressing a couple of things. Firstly let me offer my opinion about recent media reports saying about how the market is at a record high and it’s a sellers’ market. I’m sure they are completely correct in Auckland or Christchurch but completely wrong in the Wellington region.

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Thank You For a Great 2011, Vendors!

Hi folks,

Well I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! I’m sure it was Easter only last week. As they say time flies when you’re having fun so I must have had a fun time in 2011. This is my last column of the year and what a great year it has been, for me both professionally and personally and I hope in m y own small way that I have made it a great year for a good number of people.

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Tommy's Top Agent!

Hi folks,

I haven’t done a market comparison for some time so thought I would give you an update on what’s happening in the Upper Hutt real estate market and surprisingly I’m going to start off with some good news. The start to 2011 in terms of numbers of sales is the best start for the last 3 years of recorded sales, in 2009 from January 1st to March 31st there were 164 sales, in 2010 for the same period there were 135, in 2011 there were 165 sales. These statistics would suggest more activity in the market place but when I add December’s sales (75) to the mix we have 4 months of increased sales, in fact the 2010 December total was the highest since 2006.

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Put the Agent’s Site to the Test!

Hi folks,

You may not know this but the Tommys website has had a complete revamp, some would say about time too and I can assure you I have shared buyer frustrations, I’ve found it previously to be too convoluted and difficult to negotiate my way round. The new version is infinitely superior and that got me thinking about other property websites.

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Different Methods of Sale

Hi folks,

In my last column of 2009 I discovered that the number of sales in Upper Hutt had decreased substantially, this looks like an ongoing trend that shows no sign of reversing. At the same time we have pundits telling us that prices are up and we are back at the peak market prices. Now this may be true in Central Auckland, but it is plainly and simply not the case in Upper Hutt. We saw some price increases last year but not enough to take us back to where we were.

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