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What in the world is AML/CFT?

golders road upper hutt

Hi folks,

There has been a regulatory change that will affect ALL Vendors and Purchasers.

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Why you should inspect those other properties

tips for homebuyers

Hi folks,

In light of the shortage of listings in the Upper Hutt market compared with recent years I thought I would ask the question, “As a buyer, have you ever bothered to look at properties that don’t have the features you are after?” Most people would be surprised at the very thought, but in fact, there are times when it might be worth it.

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Three tips for home buyers

Hi folks,

The number of properties for sale is growing but there are also plenty of buyers out there looking. If you are one of these people, here are 3 tips that may help you make a decision sooner rather than later.

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GVs have jumped. Does it matter?

Hi folks,

So the new Government Valuations are out, also known as GVs, RVs and CVs and what a jump they have had!! So let me straight off the bat say “they are not actual valuations, it does not mean that these are your new selling prices!”

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Looking for a home? Here are 6 simple tips!

Hi folks,

This week I thought I would offer some advice to those people looking or starting to look for a home, so here are 6 simple tips. Given that most property prices are rising, there are some simple things that potential buyers can do to help increase their chances of getting that dream house:

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Avoiding Buyers' Remorse

Hi folks,

What a great year to be selling property 2016 has been after 8 years of almost no growth it’s been great to be part of an active market again. But as is the way in real estate a couple of issues have raised their heads and I would like to deal with what I term “Buyer Remorse”

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The plight of first time buyers?

Hi Folks, this week I would like to discuss the plight of first time buyers and ask “Is it really so hard for them?” Open a newspaper or turn on a radio these days and you will find media commentators talking about how expensive property has become and how hard it is for young people to buy their first home. Is this much-discussed phenomenon just another urban myth?

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Nibbling At the Selling Price

Hi folks,

When buying a home or property most purchasers will have to undertake some form of negotiation when they find it. How much or how little they can afford to negotiate depends on the market: negotiating too hard in a sellers’ market is never worth it as there will be many other buyers keen to pay more just to secure a property. It is worth considering the strategy of negotiating from the asking price to an acceptable selling price and realising that there are many things that inexperienced buyers say in the stress of the moment that might make them miss out.

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Five FHOS on offer to first time buyers

Hi, folks

Housing New Zealand are selling a number of houses around the country, a portion of which are offered to first time buyers, who must fill certain criteria to be able to buy.

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The Market is Harder, But There Are Options

Hi folks,

Hooray, at last the election is over and we can now return to some sort of stability knowing who will govern for the next 3 years.

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