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Will the elections affect house prices?

Hi folks,

This year's general election could have a dampening effect on the housing market with many people likely to adopt a "wait and see" approach and delay making sale or purchase decisions until the election is over.

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Read this before you renovate!

white picket fence

Hi folks,

It is officially the Summer season (not that you would know it so far), and, if you haven’t already, it’s generally a good time to begin some of those renovations you have been thinking about.

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Negotiating the selling price of a property

Hi folks,

Negotiating the selling price of a property is often the most emotionally difficult part of the selling process, especially for vendors. After all, purchasers can always move onto another property if they don’t like the vendor’s counteroffers but vendors are there until the property is sold. The sense that so much money is riding on one decision heightens emotions all round. In the heat of the moment, vendors often think that moving from their original asking price means they are “losing money”, while purchasers are afraid of “going too high”.

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"Price Fixes Everything"

Hi folks,

Having just had my best sales month pretty much ever I thought I would address the issues of overpricing property. Sometimes it could be a real estate agent not doing their homework properly but sometimes vendors go about putting a value on their homes result in unrealistic expectations of the ultimate selling price. 

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How To Avoid Being Stuck With a "Stale" Property

Hi folks,

In the housing market, the concept of supply and demand – the forces of any marketplace – refers to the ratio of the number of buyers in the market at any given time to the number of houses for sale. In a buyers’ market there are lots of houses for sale competing for a small number of buyers. This means buyers are at an advantage. Properties tend to stay longer on the market, so purchasers have more time to do the research that makes them knowledgeable about exactly what they can get for their money. They have the time and the confidence to try to negotiate hard for a ‘bargain’. In this kind of market, buyers tend to be fussy about standards of maintenance, colour schemes and details that during a sellers’ market they often have to overlook in the race to actually secure a property before the prices rise even higher.

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Realism in Pricing is Hugely Important

Hi folks,

In the course of my work I find that realism in pricing is hugely important, the best price may be the soonest sale. In New Zealand today many Vendors of residential property are experiencing a falling in the sale prices of their homes. At times like this it is even more important to price property keenly to sell, as ‘waiting for a better price’ often has the opposite result.

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The Upper Hutt market is always evolving

Hi folks,

I haven’t discussed the property market directly in Upper Hutt for a while so as daylight saving is now here and spring is upon us it seems a good time to look at the year to date. As ever with the property market as soon as I think I have a handle on what’s happening everything changes!

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High Pricing in the Current Market Place

Hi folks,

This week I thought I might address high pricing in the current real estate market place in Upper Hutt. As we know Real Estate is a very competitive industry and recently a couple of properties have come to my attention as being what I would term “optimistically priced”. Some (less professional) agents have strong motivation to quote high when assessing the value of a house for sale – they want the listing. I believe the more professional agents don’t do this because it wastes everyone’s time and often leads to a no-sale stalemate.

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Don't Forget the Exterior!

Hi folks,

Even though winter is upon us and the market is quieter than peak times houses still come to the market even though the outside doesn’t look as good as spring/summer so I thought I would offer some thoughts on focusing on winter presentation. Many people concentrate on interiors when putting their house up for sale. For good reason, the inside is where purchasers will be living and sleeping. But overlooking the exterior of the house can undo some of the good work home sellers have done inside when they de-clutter, paint and generally pay attention to maintenance.

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Advantages to Trading Up in a Buyers’ Market

Hi folks,

I’ve had the same conversation recently with a number of potential vendors, some of whom realise that the value of their home has dropped and are stuck in limbo deciding whether or not to move in the current market. My opinion is simply this, if you are moving up the ladder, thinking of a larger home, “better” area, extra bedroom, living room bathroom etc, then this is a great time do it! The reality is that most people move when markets are rising, we get rushed along in the positive media spin, many of our friends are moving and for many other different reasons. What people don’t realize is that while you are getting more money for your own home, you are also paying more moving up the chain.

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