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Why you should inspect those other properties

tips for homebuyers

Hi folks,

In light of the shortage of listings in the Upper Hutt market compared with recent years I thought I would ask the question, “As a buyer, have you ever bothered to look at properties that don’t have the features you are after?” Most people would be surprised at the very thought, but in fact, there are times when it might be worth it.

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Maximising Income From Rental Property

Hi folks,

Most experienced investors understand that $500 a week for fifty two weeks a year means more money in their pocket than $550 a week with several weeks vacancy during the year. So if maximising income from rental property investment comes from keeping their properties occupied, why do some landlords charge such high rents that their tenants move on whenever they get the chance and new tenants are slow to move in?

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Rental Investments: Think Like a Tenant

Hi folks,

In the last couple of months I have had a couple of multi –unit properties to sell so thought this would be a good time to revisit rental investments, why? Because as prices have dropped rental yields have increased and at some point in the future property prices will increase as well.

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"The Best House in the Street"

Hi folks,

I’m currently marketing a home which is presented to the market in a great condition, the price seems ridiculous given that you get 4 double bedrooms and an 843m2 section for a BEO of only $225,000. So what’s the catch? There is no catch but the property is for sale in a predominantly state housing street. This has raised a number of issues with prospective purchasers about possibly buying the best house in not the best street so I thought I would ask “Surely there can’t be too much wrong with buying the ‘best house’ in the street?”

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Hi, Folks

I have a couple of properties currently for sale that are most definitely “do-er uppers”, so this week thought I would discuss the potential perils and advantages of buying such a home. There is no doubt that some buyers are attracted to the clean slate potential of a property advertised as “renovators delight”. After all they get the layout, décor and colours they have always wanted and completely brand new. It’s also a way of getting into a preferred area at a lower price than normal. So is it really that easy?

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Mortgagee Sales

Hi folks,

Last week I sold a property by mortgagee auction in Riverstone, my first experience of a mortgagee sale in New Zealand. Recently there has been a surge in such sales around the country, indeed a few years ago with prices rising it seemed a great idea to buy a few investment properties, after all the rent will pay the mortgage, then later you can enjoy the capital gain. It seemed a good idea at the time.

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Sell Your Property... or Rent It?

Hi folks,

In recent times I have met some people whose property is valued less now than when they bought so I thought I would ask the question, Is it ever financially sound to hold onto a property that doesn’t reach the desired price rather than sell for less?

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Rental Yields Have Increased

Hi folks,

This week, I would like to discuss rental investments, why? Because as prices have dropped rental yields have increased and at some point in the future property prices will increase as well.

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