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Archive: 2015

The market is electric right now

Hi folks,

This is my last comment for the year regarding real estate in Upper Hutt and what a great year it’s been, on my River FM regular radio slot on Thursdays and Sundays I have been saying for some time that 2015 would be the best year since our peak market of late 2007 early 2008 and while I don’t have December sales figures yet only 48 sales are required to prove me right.

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Average Time to Sell a Property

upper hutt real estate

Hi folks,

With the number of listings in the marketplace increasing as normal for the time of year I thought I would address the selling time factor. Few vendors trying to decide which agent should sell their property would base their choice simply on whether they are likely to get a quick sale. And is a ‘quick sale’ an advantage anyway?

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Good news if you have a good financial track record.

Hi folks,

Some great news last week, Graham Wheeler, the Reserve Bank Governor, informed us that interest rates were not moving and staying at their base 2.75% with interest rate cuts forecast for the near future.

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The real estate market is moving!

Hi folks,

I have to say I’m quite enjoying writing these musings, especially this year when yet again I can say with positivity that the market is moving!

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2015: Better by a country mile!

Hi folks,

It’s official, 2015 is a much better year for Real Estate in Upper Hutt than last year and by a country mile! The number of residential property sales this year from January–August is up on 2014 by a massive 108 sales! We are currently running at 532 sales for this year to date compared with 424 sales last year.

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Short and sweet...

Hi folks,

As regular readers will know I tend to use this space for market commentary, to keep up with what’s going on in our Upper Hutt residential market or to offer real estate tips, buying, selling, sprucing up etc.

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The Upper Hutt market is picking up!

Hi folks,

It’s brilliant to (finally) write that the Upper Hutt property market is picking up and is currently moving at a very good pace, particularly in the under $600,000 price range where the majority of Upper Hutt properties sit. It is especially great to say this in Winter, a traditionally quieter time of the year to sell.

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I don’t get to skite often but...

I don’t get to skite often, that’s because I know I will get shot down pretty quickly! (and not just from my wife) However on this occasion can I please give myself a little self-congratulatory pat on the back after agreeing 11 sales in a 12 day period (9 from 9 at one point).

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Signs of growth in our local market!

Hi folks,

The latest sales statistics are out for Upper Hutt and there are some positive signs of growth in our local market!

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Five FHOS on offer to first time buyers

Hi, folks

Housing New Zealand are selling a number of houses around the country, a portion of which are offered to first time buyers, who must fill certain criteria to be able to buy.

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