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Buy or Sell First?

Hi folks,

One of the advantages of my job is that much of the time the same questions or problems come up, so today I will revisit an oldie but a goodie for those considering selling their home. For the majority of the buying and selling market there isn’t a choice but as I have been asked the question by a potential vendor I thought I would try to give a balanced answer as to whether it is better to buy or sell first.  Selling the home you’re living in before buying another one is the financially safe option in most circumstances. But could the state of the market affect your decision?

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Buying or Selling? Keep your feelings under control.

Hi folks,

I’ve had an interesting week real estate wise! I’ve dealt with 4 different property negotiations, 3 of which were successful. By that I mean negotiations were completed and sales have been agreed but certainly 2 of them were touch and go as emotions were fried and the deals nearly lost. This led me to ponder about how much of my work is emotive and how easy it is lose track of the ultimate goal of purchasing a home.

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How and Where to Advertise

Hi folks,

Hi folks, I was asked this week, and not for the first time, about marketing and advertising. The costs, the different places to advertise, why we do it and how does a vendor decide which advertising vehicles are worth the money.

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The Market is Harder, But There Are Options

Hi folks,

Hooray, at last the election is over and we can now return to some sort of stability knowing who will govern for the next 3 years.

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The Five Most Common Reasons Houses Linger On The Market

Hi folks,

A house should always sell in a reasonable time frame or its price is likely to drop as it becomes stale and over exposed to the market. If you think purchasers are losing interest in your property, you need to do something and fast! Start by looking at the five most common reasons houses linger on the market and see if any of them could be holding up your sale.

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Best sales month since last November

Hi folks,

It’s not often I’m surprised in Real Estate terms but the last couple of weeks have given me 2 huge surprises, the first in which a 4 bedroom freehold house in Central Upper Hutt in very tidy condition sold at $220,000. Someone got the best Real Estate bargain I have ever seen!!! And my career goes back to 1995 so it’s not like I’m a novice. Seriously, the best bargain EVER!

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Wanted: people with a social conscience.

Hi folks,

I’m changing my focus this week, as you know I tend to write about the property market in Upper Hutt but this week I have a request. For those reading and curious about the current market, it’s ok with no real changes in the last few months and I will talk more about that in 2 weeks’ time when the most recent statistics come out.

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Look After That Exterior!

Hi folks,

Many home owners focus on interiors when putting their houses up for sale, especially in winter when it seems too cold to stay outside long enough to have a good look around the property let alone carry out maintenance. But most purchasers start making judgements from the minute they step out of the car and a bad first impression can stay with them when they go inside. The following ideas may help you get your purchasers off to a good start.

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Congratulations To My Colleagues!

Hi folks,

Firstly let me start with an apology! It’s not how I would normally start my musings on the world but I also don’t use this column to skite, however on this occasion I’m going to. I’m delighted to say that Tommys were the top selling real estate company in Upper Hutt in June 2014 with 40% of the market share. As I say I don’t often skite but I wanted to offer congratulations to my colleagues and point out that Tommys consistently sell more properties per agent than any other company so just this once allow me this indulgence.

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Some Great Things About Living in Upper Hutt

Hi folks,

After re reading my last column from 2 weeks ago, I realised that it could have sounded quite negative to some so, today, I thought I would balance it out with some positive news. In the last 2 weeks I have sold 3 properties and have 2 in negotiation, this isn’t meant to sound conceited but to point out that although the market is indeed considerably quieter than this time last year properties are still selling and good agents haven’t suddenly become duffers!

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