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Brief Overview of the Real Estate Market in Upper Hutt

Hi folks,

As this is the last column of the year from me I thought I would give a brief overview of the Real Estate Market in Upper Hutt as it stands today. It’s brilliant!

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Get an Agent, Not a Parrot!

Hi folks,

Real estate agents have a strong motivation to quote high when assessing the value of a house for sale, they want the listing! (In fact, the more professional agents don’t do this because it wastes everyone’s time and often leads to a no-sale stalemate.) Sadly, the more unrealistic vendors are about their own property, the more likely it is that agents will feel the need to up the potential selling price. But there are things home sellers can do to encourage frank dealings and make sure agents don’t over-quote to get your house for sale.

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Three Essential Criteria For Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I offered suggestions on questions to interview the agent who you were considering using to sell your home. These are some more thoughts on that process.

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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

Hi folks,

Spring is here and some of you will be getting ready to put your home on the market. If so, how do you choose which agent to use? Do you think we are all the same? If you do then there’s not a lot I can do for you and you should go with the cheapest and stop reading this now.

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Spring Is A Great Time to Sell A House

Hi folks,

It's nearly daylight saving, yay, and with it comes Spring and I think it's fair to say that everybody loves Spring. And the important thing for vendors is that buyers love it too. Days are longer and buyers have more energy to put the plans that have been at the back of the mind all winter into practice. Quite simply, buyers start to come out in larger numbers at this time of the year!

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7 Tips to Consider Prior to Marketing

Hi folks,

As the first week of spring is upon us and we enter the time of year when, traditionally more properties come to market I thought I would offer 7 tips to consider prior to marketing, these aren’t gospel, just suggestions to enhance and possibly speed up the selling process. They are certainly cost effective, the important thing is to not throw thousands of dollars into your home that may not be required.

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Will Raising Deposits for First Time Buyers Help Anyone?

Hi folks,

Today I’m going to offer my thoughts on a current topic in the housing market that will affect both homebuyers and sellers alike. Higher deposits for first time buyers. The media is quite correct to say that the national median selling price is an at all time high, I have no complaints with that as it is factually true. However, what I would like to see is at least a tiny inspection as to why so that we can get an overall picture and not just a good soundbite, especially when a substantial part of the marketplace is about be penalised rather unfairly in my opinion.

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Thought About These Costs?

Hi folks,

In light of recent news from the Reserve Bank regarding changes to deposits for first time buyers I thought I would discuss what else they are likely to pay for apart from the house they will eventually buy. Most first-time buyers are aware that the cost of buying a property is more than the amount they pay to the owner of the property. But how much should they budget for the actual costs incurred during the purchase over and beyond the purchase price?

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Moving to Your New House

Hi folks,

I’ve had an exceptionally busy year so far, last week I was lucky enough to put up 4 sold signs and it dawned on me that would be 8 families moving home, a process, which at the best of times is a bit of a pain to do. So today I’m offering 5 simple tips to consider when going down the moving route.

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The Balance Has Shifted Towards the Vendor

Hi folks,

For those of you involved in the property market, whether buyer or seller I can confirm, for the first time in a long time that the balance has shifted towards the vendor once more. The number of sales is up and the number of listings is way down in Upper Hutt.

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